Mental health Issues? Struggle to set work targets? Struggle to achieve targets? Get in touch

Supporting people with mental health issues to reduce their self-loathing and anger at inactivity by supporting SMART targets

Hello and thanks for visiting the Neurolabe Imperative.

I know from my own experiences with depression and anxiety and from talking to many other people with mental health issues, especially the artistic types, one of the biggest problems is getting started because you don’t know what the first step is. May people know what they want the end result to be, but starting is impossible.

The Neurolabe Imperative is about supporting other people with mental health issues to reach targets that they want to reach.

It’s not about making suggestions

Its not about doing the work for another person

Its about being a friend and supporter so that a person can start to achieve small steps and hopefully improve their self-esteem.

We are not therapists so we don’t offer therapy, it’s about being a pair of ears and sharing a coffee and a chat.

Get in touch if you want to know more.


oh and its free (*)

(*) coffee donations would be appreciated